First I would like to point out that I have never written a testimonial before, even though I have been in business since 1961. Until now, I have never been asked to write one for anyone I felt worthy enough. I have known and done business with Dale Danahey since September of 1989, a little over 23 years. As a manager and owner of many different manufacturing companies, I have come in contact with and done business with many machinery salesmen. What you need from a salesman is honesty, which is one of the hardest things to get. We all know how a salesman makes his living. If you are lucky enough to meet a man with integrity, organization, and availability, not just for his own business, but a genuine interest in helping your business expand, then I strongly recommend that you introduce yourself to Dale and his company, Champion Machinery. You will get honest answers, straight up deals, and most of all, an ally in the world of machinery.
PAUL, Florida
In writing this letter, I would like to express my appreciation for you, Bill Fey and your company, Champion Machinery. Within the past ten years, you have sold nine pieces of used CNC lathes and CNC machining centers for us. These transactions have always been handled in a professional manner from the initial point of contact through the final shipment. Inspection times have been scheduled and advertisement for our equipment has been accurate. Payment has always been completed as requested. Champion Machinery is known in the industry as a reputable company built on hard work and customer satisfaction. It is good to know that, when we have a piece of used equipment we want to sell, Champion Machinery is there to help us get the job done. I look forward to working together in the future and want to thank you again for doing a great job.
STEVE, Texas
Currently, we have about 17 CNC machines, and many of them were purchased used. We have been doing business with Champion Machinery since 2003. During that time, we have purchased three CNC machines, and they have also bought two CNC machines from us. We met Dale Danahey when he visited our facility and inspected our equipment. We have been extremely satisfied with our relationship with Dale and Champion, and they have helped us out on numerous occasions. For instance, recently we had a brand new MORI SEIKI VMC being delivered in one week and determined that we needed more floor space to fit it into our shop. I called Dale on Wednesday and asked if he would be interested in buying a HARDINGE VMC from us. We agreed to a deal that day, had money bank wired for our machine the next day, and it was taken out the following Monday when the new machine was delivered. That is the type of immediate, professional service that we have received from Champion Machinery through the years. During all of our business dealings, I have found both Dale and Champion Machinery to be extremely straight forward, honest, trustworthy and professional. In every instance, they have been men of their word and have shown tremendous integrity. The world of used machinery can be risky and sometimes even scary. But they have proven to be a very reliable supplier time and again. Dale is extremely knowledgeable about the equipment and very honest about its condition, whether it’s good or bad, so you know exactly what you are getting with each machine. They are our first choice as a used machinery dealer and we would prefer to deal with them before anyone else. I would highly recommend Dale and Champion Machinery to anyone who is looking to sell or buy a CNC machine. They will take very good care of you.
JACK, Ohio
We would like to thank Champion Machinery for all the years of great service. We have been in business for six years and have six CNC machines, four of which we bought from Champion Machinery. We have had great luck with the equipment purchased. Dale and his staff are excellent to work with. They do what it takes to find machines in our budget that will provide us with the years of accuracy that we need. We have recently decided to downsize due to the lack of skilled labor and needed to move two pieces of CNC equipment. Dale knew what we needed to make the deals happen and he did it fast. I would say with great confidence that they are by far the best machine tool sales company out there. They have great prices, excellent equipment, and a very friendly staff. I can also say that when we are ready to purchase again, we will be contacting Champion Machinery.
TRAVIS, Wisconsin
Dale Danahey and his team at Champion Machinery have sold 4 machines for us in recent years and the last 2 were sold within a couple of weeks of posting.  You can try to sell machines yourself but you will never be able to match the benefit of having a broker like Champion standing in the middle to address customer questions/concerns that may arise at the closing of the transaction.  We see a real benefit to having a broker close the deal and, with Champion’s marketing power, we can never match their ability to get the best price for the equipment.  Champion netted us more than they had estimated and that is the kind of integrity that is rare to find in this industry.  Dale has built a company with a strong history of honesty and integrity.  They really do provide exceptional value by allowing us to focus on growing our business and not be distracted by trying to sell used machine tools.
JEFF, Tennessee
WHC has been working with Mr. Dale Danahey since 2006 in acquiring several high-quality well maintained late model Japanese CNC machines for its manufacturing operation. As with most advanced technology companies, WHC evaluates all capital equipment purchases for cost, delivery, quality, expected machinery life expectancy and overall value. With each capital purchase, WHC researches new and used equipment to the criteria above. In the last six years, WHC has found that it has been able to add manufacturing capacity at a more accelerated rate, improve the quality of its products, and lower its overall cost by working with Mr. Dale Danahey to purchase specific complex CNC machines. In several cases, we were able to acquire a machine in several weeks instead of waiting the typical four to seven months before being able to take delivery from the machinery manufacturer. We will continue to work with Mr. Dale Danahey and Champion Machinery to find high-quality well maintained late model CNC machinery to compliment our manufacturing operation for it has been a smart business.
ANDREW, Rhode Island
QCI has over the last several years purchased through Champion Machinery, Inc. nine major pieces of CNC Mills and Lathes. We have been extremely satisfied with these purchases. In all cases, the equipment has arrived at our shop in the condition that was shown and represented on the Champion Machinery website. Dale and his employees have always been very cooperative and answered all questions in an honest and courteous manner. If there was a problem with a machine when setting it up in our shop, Champion Machinery has always worked with QCI to “make it right”. Please accept my recommendation of Champion Machinery, Inc. when considering purchasing your next piece of equipment.
ED, New Hampshire
I have known Bill Fey for over 20 years and, not only is he someone I do business with, I consider him a friend. He has always been a straight shooter, which is like a breath of fresh air considering all the promises I am given by other sales people that are never fulfilled as originally stated. When Bill promises you something, you can trust that he will follow through. We have done business on several occasions throughout the years and I have never felt that I was taken advantage of. If I have a question on a particular machine, I call Bill and ask his opinion and he is honest with me, even on machines he doesn't sell. I feel he has integrity, and the next time I'm in the market for additional equipment, I will give Bill a call first.
NICK, Illinois
Champion Machinery is a great company to work with! We sold one of our vertical mills a few years ago and the entire experience was great. Dale was on top of every detail. He came and inspected the machine thoroughly from top to bottom. He gave us a very fair price for our machine and was able to sell it very quickly. Within a few days of accepting his offer, I had the money in hand. I would not only sell another machine using Champion, but I certainly would have no problems buying one from them as I feel that they only deal in quality equipment.
CHRIS, North Carolina
Champion Machinery treated me exactly how I would have expected during a recent transaction. They took a piece of equipment I no longer needed and replaced it with a piece of great value to our business. They acted with honesty and integrity. When we received the machine that we purchased from Champion Machinery, an accessory had been removed by the previous owner that should have been included with this machine. Champion Machinery replaced that accessory to my satisfaction without hesitation. This is the way great companies treat each other, and we will certainly be seeking their services in the future when the need arises.
DARRYL, Colorado
It has been my pleasure to know Bill Fey for the better part of 25 years. Our relationship has involved new CNC equipment as well as used. Bill has always been extremely responsive to any and all inquiries I have made with him. I don't even bother with other machinery dealers when looking to either buy or sell equipment. I trust Bill to be HONEST, straight forward, and extremely knowledgeable in the field of new and used CNC equipment.
GREGORY, Illinois
We’ve been working with Champion for years now, and every deal is nothing short of “Awesome”! Bill, Dale, and Lou Ann are very professional and easy to work with, from the first call through the point of sale, WOW! The deals have been effortless from our perspective. They’ll be my first call when buying or selling equipment. I recommend them to everyone I come into contact with that has a need for new or used equipment. I can’t say enough….
PETER, Tennessee
I completed a CNC milling center purchase with Dale Danahey and his team at Champion Machinery in Fort Mill, South Carolina in December 2011. The transaction was flawless and Dale and his team were professional, timely and courteous. Dale followed up a few weeks later to make sure we were still happy with our purchase. Further, since we happen to be located within driving distance, Dale has been good enough to open up his showroom for us to view machinery that we may want to consider. Even though it did not always result in a sale, Dale dutifully and cordially allows us to meander through his shop and ask endless questions. I will definitely call Dale first when trying to fulfill my used CNC machinery needs.
RICK, North Carolina
I got to know Bill Fey at Champion Machinery about six years ago when my company was looking to sell some older equipment and to assist us in purchasing new replacement machines. Champion Machinery has been to our facility and truly understands the type of equipment we have and the market value of CNC machines. Champion Machinery has assisted us in selling / marketing over 10 pieces of CNC equipment to date. I know Bill has been in the machine tool business for 30 years and really knows all of the major builders utilized today. We consider Champion Machinery our top vendor when we need to monetize our equipment. It has definitely been a pleasure working with Bill Fey and Champion Machinery and I would recommend them to anyone.
DON, Michigan
Champion Machinery has been a great partner for us on a couple of deals in the past year or two, and hopefully will continue to be in the future. We don’t buy used equipment, and most of our machines leave the building because we have beaten them to death, but there are some instances in which we need to move a perfectly useful machine out of the building because we simply no longer have the room available. It breaks my heart to send a good machine to the junkyard, so we have been very happy to find you guys; through you, some of our surplus iron lives on. Dale has been great to deal with, payment is always prompt, and your truckers always show up when they say they will, usually on short notice from us. It doesn’t get much better than that.
CHRIS, Massachusetts
I have worked and done business with Bill Fey for more than 16 years. During that time, Bill has always been what I consider a top professional in his field. Bill has a wealth of knowledge in the metal cutting industry which has been a huge asset when purchasing or selling a machine tool. In recent years, we have turned to Bill and Champion Machinery to sell one of our pieces of equipment. Not only was he able to turn this around in a very short time, he also gained us a friendship and business relationship with the purchaser. We are very thankful for what Bill and Champion have done for us and will continue to use their expertise in the future.
TIMOTHY, Wisconsin
Our search was specific and Champion Machinery helped us identify, locate, deliver and set up a MORI SEIKI multi - pallet horizontal machining center that allowed us to satisfy our customer’s immediate demand for product. Delivery was critical and we greatly appreciated that the people at Champion coordinated and communicated with us extremely well throughout the entire project. We knew that we could count on their experience and market knowledge, as we had worked well with Bill Fey for 15 years and trusted that he would continue to serve our needs as well as he had in the past.
With several pieces of surplus machine tools for sale, we called on Champion Machinery as a possible buyer and spoke with Bill Fey. Bill was expeditious in paying us a visit, evaluating the machines and making us a viable offer for the entire lot. Communication is key when planning such a move while still keeping the shop in production. Champion Machinery kept us apprised every step of the way. In no time, rigging was scheduled and our six surplus CNC machines moved out. I would recommend Champion Machinery for all your CNC machine tool needs. We have found them to be honest and up front through all stages of the negotiations.
CRAIG, Illinois
When it came time to sell our company's MORI SEIKI vertical machining center, we called Champion Machinery to get some information and see what the process entailed. I knew Bill Fey professionally for a few years, so I was well aware of how knowledgeable he is about CNC machines. I called him late in the afternoon and he was at our facility, first thing, the very next morning. He took pictures that morning and had his very helpful staff send me the documents I needed to sign to get the process of selling my machine going. By lunchtime, the pictures and information about our machine were already on their website. In short, Bill sold a high profile, expensive machine in today's economy with relative ease. I would highly recommend Champion Machinery for anyone who is either buying or selling a machine.
LARRY, Illinois
I have known Bill Fey for 15 years in the machine tool business, back when he was selling MORI SEIKI. He stood out from all of the other people because of his thorough knowledge of both his and the competition’s products. But most of all, he personally stood behind every purchase we have made and that is why I would call on Champion Machinery.
PATRICK, Illinois
When purchasing a pre-owned piece of machinery, it’s important to choose a reputable supplier. We are proud to have worked with Bill Fey and Champion Machinery. Not only can you count on honesty and integrity, but you also receive expertise on the industry and the products they sell. I highly recommend Bill and Champion in your pre-owned selection.
TIM, Wisconsin
We are a small job shop located in Ohio just north of Cincinnati. Our company purchased an Okuma CNC lathe from Dale Danahey and Champion Machinery. This machine was bought sight unseen, which is not the normal way we would buy equipment. In speaking with Dale and the staff at Champion, I found them to be upfront and very candid about the condition it was in. We asked the local Okuma service to look at it and they found no discrepancies and that it was exactly as described and in excellent condition. Dale and Champion have done other things for us since, such as supplying parts and tooling to fit our needs. We will always consider Champion Machinery as the first place to look for our future needs and would recommend them to our customers and friends.
I've known Bill Fey and Champion Machinery for many years. If I'm looking for a used machine, Bill is at the top of my list. Over the years, I've purchased several machines from Bill. I've been treated with respect and purchased excellent machines at a fair price. I would recommend Champion Machinery and Bill Fey to anyone looking in the used machine tool market.
TIM, Wisconsin
I first met Bill Fey when we were looking to upgrade and increase our CNC hard turning capabilities. We needed to find the right lathe without going over our budget and one that was easy to program. Anyone who has dealt with us knows that we are not an easy group to work with. We ask a lot of questions and take forever to pull the trigger. I have to say working with Bill was great experience. He took time to review our concerns over and over again. Bill made so many visits to our facility during and after the sale that we considered assigning him a parking space. To this day, I rely on Bill when we have questions about machine tools and consider him a valuable resource.
BRENT, Illinois
At HCS we provide solutions to companies for their factory automation needs. So when it came time for us to increase our machining capacity, we contacted Bill Fey at Champion Machinery. It was a pleasure working with Bill at Champion Machinery in the acquisition of our newest machining center. Bill was able to find a machine that exactly suited our needs for a very reasonable price. We were extremely pleased with the communication and professionalism throughout the whole process. Next time we need to “Champion” a new machine… we will call Champion Machinery. I recommend you do, too!
JEFF, Wisconsin
Being in the business of machining and not equipment selling, we rely on the knowledge and experience that Champion Machinery brings to the table in valuing our equipment and getting it sold. The foundation of any business dealing is trust and Champion Machinery has earned our trust and confidence.
JIM, Illinois
I have known Dale Danahey and Champion Machinery for a few years now. I have purchased CNC equipment on numerous occasions with very positive results. Dale and his people are very easy to work with, not only for sales, but helping with service needs as well. I would recommend Champion Machinery to be the first place to look if you are in the market for CNC equipment. If it’s out there, they can find it for you.
MICHAEL, North Carolina
We have bought several pieces of machinery from Champion Machinery over almost a decade. Every one of these pieces are still in place and functioning as integral parts of manufacturing at our facility. Quality machines at reasonable prices. And I continue to regularly review Champion’s used equipment inventory for my next used equipment deal.
JIM, North Carolina
Anytime I am considering buying CNC machines, I start with Dale Danahey at Champion Machinery. Every transaction has been straight forward with all cards on the table. This is the kind of top notch professional people that I want to surround myself with for my business success. It's very clear what I'm buying when I buy from Dale Danahey.
DAVID, North Carolina
Champion Machinery has been an excellent source to our company for all of our used machinery. It has been a successful business relationship for the last 12 years and it has been a pleasure to do business with Bill Fey and his staff.
ROBERT, Illinois
Champion Machinery makes it very easy to buy or sell equipment. What impressed me was the standard procedures they utilize for every transaction. Nothing was left to chance. From equipment inspection, rigging, trucking, and final payment, all were handled in a highly professional matter.
TOM, Wisconsin
Our job shop has bought and sold MAZAK machines through Champion Machinery. We have found them to be very knowledgeable of machine values and well represented in the used market. Transactions moved swiftly as agreed upon. Definitely an excellent source for used CNC equipment.
JIMMY, North Carolina
We have dealt with Champion Machinery multiple times and we always have been satisfied with their services. Professionalism, speed and great deals are what you can expect.
As owner of a CNC job shop, I have purchased from Champion Machinery multiple times in the past. I have found their representation of equipment to be honest and the handling of transactions to be professional. I expect a continued relationship in the future.
BRIAN, Georgia
It is always a pleasure to speak to Dale Danahey about my machinery needs. His many years of experience are always evident in the “no nonsense” and honest advice and service he provides. Dale is a dealer that is there for his customer’s current and future requirements and their success.
We have known Bill Fey personally for many years. You have always been upfront and honest in helping us sell our equipment. I thank you very much for our relationship and look forward to working with you for many years to come.
JOE, Illinois
We have both purchased and sold several machine tools with Champion Machinery. All transactions were handled with the upmost of professionalism. Negotiations were fair and I would not hesitate to call on the folks at Champion to assist with needed machines. And if I have some no longer needed, they get a call.
TOM, South Carolina
I worked with Dale Danahey and all of his staff this year several times looking for equipment. They found me what I was looking for and it was a pleasure working with all from going to see the machine at his location and getting it to our sister company. Thanks and look forward to doing business with you again.
RENE, Louisiana
I am very pleased that we found Champion Machinery to help take care of our machinery needs. Our experience with Champion has been positive and helpful in all respects. I won’t hesitate to call when we need your help again.
TED, Ohio
I am not good with words Dale. You have been a good business man. Over the past ten years or so, since we have done business together, you have always conducted yourself professionally and I do value that. And of course, looking for many more years to come.
CHARLIE, North Carolina
Champion Machinery is the first place we contact with our CNC Machinery needs. Total customer satisfaction has been our experience when dealing with Dale Danahey and his associates at Champion Machinery.
TOM, South Carolina