Chuck Size 78.74"
 Max Swing Over Bed 94.49"
 Max Turning Diameter 78.74"
 Max Turning Height 55.12"
  Turning Spindle Speed4 - 200 RPM
  Turning Spindle Bore4.33"
  Turning Spindle Motor40 / 30 HP
  Turning Spindle Torque6206 ft. lbs.
 Tools 60
  Milling Spindle Motor50 / 40 / 30 HP
  Milling Spindle Speed40 - 10,000 RPM
  Milling Spindle Torque372 ft. lbs.
  Milling Spindle TypeCat 50 Big Plus
 Table Load Capacity 22,600 lbs.
 Rapid Traverse Rates (X Y Z)1260 IPM
 X-Axis Travel 62.99"
  Y-Axis Travel -31.5" to 31.5"
 Z-Axis Travel 55.12"
  C-Axis Index0.001 Degree
  B-Axis Travel-30 to 120 Degree
  B-Axis Index.001 Degree
 Max Tool Diameter 6.69" / 11.42"
 Max Tool Length 19.69"
 Max Tool Weight40 lbs.
 Machine Dimensions (L x W x H)235" x 274.5" x 168"
 Machine Weight 94,798 lbs.
 15" Color TFT
  B-Axis Milling Spindle Tilt (150 Degrees)
  Milling Spindle Speed 10000 RPM
  Turning Spindle Speed 200 RPM
 78.7" Manual 8-Jaw Chuck
  Enomoto Chip Conveyor (Left Side Exit)
 MP Systems 1000 psi Coolant Thru Spindle
 60 Tool Magazine
  Remote Manual Pulse Generator
  Renishaw Auto Tool Length Measurement
 Auto Front Door Open / Close
  Multi-Tap Transformer
  Absolute Position Encoder (X, Y, Z Axes)
 Three Color Tower Light
 Off Center Turning Function
 10 Sets Workpiece Coordinate System
  Helical Interpolation
 Rigid Tapping
  B-Axis Slope Machining
  Extreme Low Speed Cutting Function
  Collision Audidance System
  Thermal Active Stabilizer (Spindle & Construction)
 Mfg Date March 2014
  Installed in February 2015
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