Max Diameter Bar Capacity0.75"
 Max Machining Length (Per Chucking)6.5"
 Main Spindle Motor5 HP
 Main Spindle Speed8000 RPM
 Main Spindle Indexing.001 Degree
 Number of Tools18
        Turning Tools7
        Live Tools3
        Front End - Working Tools4
        Backworking Tools4
 Rapid Traverse Rates  1181 IPM
 Rotary Tool Speed6000 RPM
 Rotary Tool Motor1 HP
 Sub Spindle Index.001 Degree
 Sub Spindle Motor2 HP
 Sub Spindle Speed8000 RPM
 Sub Spindle Max Machining Length3.15"
 Max Front Drilling / Tapping Dia.10 mm / M8
 Max Back Drilling / Tapping Dia.8 mm / M6
 Machine Dimensions (L x W x H)82.6" x 46.6" x 68.9"
 Machine Weight5622 lbs.
  Serial Number AB0270
 7.2" Monochrome CRT
 C-Axis Milling Capability on Main & Sub Spindle
  Programmable Sub Spindle
 Edge Technologies C320 Magazine 12 ft. Barfeed
  Multiple Chucking for Long Shafts
 Long Parts Ejection
 Cool Blaster (3-Line 2000 psi)
 Auto Parts Catcher
 Parts Exit Conveyor
 Synchronized Spindles (GA14)
 Single Point Threading OD & ID (G92)
 Constant Surface Speed Main & Sub Spindle (G96)
 49 Sets of Tool Offsets
 32k Memory
 Drilling (G83)
 Tool Nose Radius Compensation (G40-42)
 Custom Macros
 Milling Interpolation (G12.1)
 Rigid Tapping Main & Sub Spindle (G84)
 Tool Life Management 1 & 2
 Variable Lead Threading (G34)
 Multi Repetitive Cycle (G76)
 Installed in May 2007
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